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DUCAB Cable Manufacturing Company, High Medium Low Voltage Cables Dubai, UAE, Middle East - Copper Rod and Wires

Copper Rod and Wires

At Ducab, in addition to our wide range of cables we also supply high quality Copper Rod produced from our state-of-the-art copper casting plant – the first of its kind in the UAE. Our Copper Rod mill has a capacity of 110,000 tonnes per year and converts Copper Cathode into 8mm diameter Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP) Copper Rod as per BS EN 1977:1998 and ASTM-B49-08a suitable to produce:

  • Power Cables
  • Automobile Wire Harnesses
  • Communication Cables
  • House wiring
  • Overhead copper conductors (SDBC)
  • Transformer Windings

In addition to Copper Rod, we also manufacture and offers drawn wires and stranded conductors. Our Rod Mill uses "CONTIROD®" Technology, a process that involves – Melting, Casting and Rolling. This facility uses novel gas control systems to ensure that each of the 15 burners perform independently. The final result is a cast bar that is more efficient to produce and has the best metallurgical structure.

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