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“We continue to monitor the fast-moving situation and are committed to following all the directives from the UAE leadership around COVID-19. The UAE government has done an admirable job of outlining best practices and collaborating with the private sector to support response plans. We will continue to align our measures to support the UAE government and everyone on the front-line safeguarding public health.

Within Ducab, we continue to disinfect all our facilities, factories, offices, and accommodations regularly. Our newly-installed disinfectant tunnel, (fully designed and developed by our own operations team inhouse) adds to those precautionary measures. The tunnel sanitizes everyone walking through it swiftly, efficiently, and safely. This comes in line with our firm belief that the safety of our employees and the society is the top priority right now. Social distancing has been practiced across all factories, canteens, accommodation and common areas have been practiced from day1, and all preventive measures have been adhered to since the beginning.

We have also implemented a number of other measures to protect our employees and provide a safe working environment. Enhanced hygiene and sanitation measures have been introduced in all six Ducab factories and facilities in UAE, including in worker accommodations, where quarantine rooms were established in early days of the outbreak for any worker returning from overseas to ensure their health. Ducab’s Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) team has already conducted multiple awareness sessions across all Ducab sites. The company is also operating a dedicated helpline for all employees who have questions about the impact of COVID-19 or hygiene practices. As is the case with the disinfectant tunnel, we are continuing to look for more ways to safeguard our employees and ensure business continuity.”

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