Corporate Social Responsibility

Ducab holds strong values and ethics. It has been operating its business responsibly since its inception in 1979. Ducab has therefore been practicing corporate social responsibility (CSR) in many areas of its business since a very long time. In 2012, Ducab decided to formalize its CSR initiatives in various areas of business and identify gaps between its existing systems and the international & local standards on CSR. Ducab adopted the Dubai Chamber CSR Label assessment tool to conduct a self-assessment on its level of CSR commitment. CSR Label assessment tool was chosen since it is based on international standards & best practices and tailored to the Middle East specifically to Dubai and the UAE. Ducab also participated in the CSR Label award cycles in 2012 & 2013 and received the award both the times proving its strong commitment to CSR.

Ducab has mapped its CSR initiatives based on the four impact areas outlined in the Dubai Chamber CSR model – Workplace, Marketplace, Community & Environment. Some examples of Ducab’s initiatives as follows:

‘POWER OVER FIRE’ Caring for the community

With  the  prime  objective  to  raise  the  awareness  about various  fire  safety  hazards  that  can potentially cause building fires, Ducab launched the memorable PowerOverFire road show jointly with UAE Civil Defence in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The secondary objective of the campaign was to effectively communicate that LPCB approved Ducab FlamBICC (range of fire resistant wires and cables) gives you the strength and power to prevent the threat of fire. At the same time, it invites and encourages the local community to come and get information on how to prevent fires generally.

Building the Nation

Ducab has a well-structured Emiratisation Program. UAE Nationals are recruited, trained & developed not only for office positions but also for shop floor positions.

Work-Life Balance - Key to Employee Wellbeing & Business Profitability

Employee well-being is very important at Ducab. Recently, inter-site football matches were organised for the Ducab employees at Ducab’s football ground.  The initiative was very well received by the employees. They thoroughly enjoyed all the games.

Safety First

Ducab has a robust health & safety management system certified to OHSAS 18001. Employees feel safe & secured at work. Management always strives to make them believe in ‘Safety First’.

Going Green, Protecting the Environment

Ducab is committed to protecting the environment. Ducab has planted more than 500 trees on its Jebel Ali site. All the trees are watered with the domestic waste water treated and recycled at its own Sewage Treatment Plant.Ducab management created a CSR Steering Team and a company-wide CSR Committee in 2012. This was followed by training & team building exercise for the members.CSR team also visited some reputed manufacturing companies in UAE to get a broader perspective on CSR in manufacturing industry and to benchmark with their systems and processes.

Ducab aims at generating a sustainability report based on international standards in the near future.Ducab strongly believes that sustainability takes root only when Economic, Social and Environmental practices align together to generate a triple bottom line (People-Planet-Profit) for the business. Ducab aims at becoming a company with its strategies, policies and actions aligned with wider social concerns while operating its business responsibly.ltimately, Ducab aims at fully embedding the sustainability principles in its systems, processes and procedures and foster a sustainability culture in the organization.

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